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What to expect from Nutley Motor Services

Our Services include:

MOT Tests
We are authorised through VOSA to carry out MOT tests at our village garage in Nutley. MOT tests take approximately one hour to complete and we have a comfortable waiting area, should you wish to wait on site whilst we carry out the test on your vehicle. Alternatively you can drop your vehicle off in the morning and we can have it ready for you by the end of the day.

MOTs are a legal requirement for all motorists in the UK and have been put in place to ensure that all vehicles over three years old meet road safety and environmental standards. (Some vehicles, such as ambulances and taxis, may need to be tested after 12 months.) MOTs are due on an annual basis and must be performed by an approved MOT test centre. We are authorised through VOSA to carry out MOT tests at our site.

If you can’t remember when your vehicle is due an MOT try this handy MOT Vehicle Checker.

Full Service
It is recommended to have your vehicle serviced annually or every 10,000 miles, depending on the make and model of your car. We offer a full vehicle check-over where all aspects of the vehicle are inspected including:

Should anything flag up upon inspection we can give accurate quotations and often have the work done on the same day or booked in at a later date. We have a stock of a fully synthetic engine oil which is the best on the market and should your vehicle require a special type, we can get easily get it. We offer our customers a choice of genuine or non genuine parts.

Minor Service
As well a full vehicle check-over, we also offer a minor service, where we give your vehicle a general check-over. The minor service includes:

Summer or Winter Vehicle Safety Checks
We offer seasonal safety check-overs on all makes and models at very competitive prices. The seasonal safety check includes:

Air-Conditioning Re-gassing and Diagnostic Services
Our top of the range machinery doesn't just top up your air conditioning gas but also removes the gas and holds the system in deep vacuum to remove any moisture and test the AC system's integrity. Once your AC system has passed thorough testing we can then fully re-charge with the correct amount and type of refrigerant for your make of vehicle.

Computer Diagnostics
Our technicians are fully trained to use the latest diagnostic equipment, which is compatible with all vehicles. It is connected to the vehicle's on-board computers and can diagnose problems which might otherwise be missed. Once the fault has been fixed we can then reset the on-board computers.

Hydrogen Carbon Engine Clean for DPF, Turbo, EGR Valves and Injectors
We are one of only a handful of garages across the UK to use this new type of cleaning machine. With MOT regulations now stating no vehicle on our roads is allowed to produce more than a certain amount of emissions, car manufacturers have had to install filters. These filters can get very clogged up and, as a result, stop the engine from running properly. If these emissions go above the legal limit, its an instant MOT fail. This hydrogen-carbon cleaner deals with both these issues and more, all within 90 minutes.

Headlight Refurbishment
Headlights can be very expensive to change and can be a MOT failure in some cases. Our refurbishment service costs a fraction of the price of replacement and restores your lights to near brand new standard.

Two and Four Wheel Laser Alignment
Laser alignment is the new version of the traditional 'tracking'. Using state of the art laser equipment, we are able to see the angle at which your wheels are driving and make the necessary adjustments to accommodate different driving conditions. This greatly preserves the life of your tyres, ensuring they all wear equally. This service takes approximately one hour to complete and can be done whilst you wait should you wish. Please give us a call to book an appointment.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
We use a local company who collect and drop off direct to us. We remove your tyre for them to collect, then refit and balance either your existing tyre - or new tyre - before fitting it back on your vehicle, ready for you to pick up and drive away.

We are able to get most tyres, from budget tyres to premium brands, on a same day delivery from our supplier. The fitting of new tyres includes new valves and balancing. We also offer puncture repairs.

Welding and Underseal Treatments
Our welding and fabrication services are done on site and we offer a competitive rate for both minor and major work. Underseal treatments are very popular, especially for older vehicles to prevent rust from spreading and creating costly repair work.


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