car light

Headlights can be very expensive to change and can be a MOT failure in some

cases. Our refurbishment costs a fraction of the price of replacing and restores to near brand new standard!

Changing the Tire
2 & 4 wheel laser alignment

Laser alignment is the new version of the traditional 'tracking' using state of the art laser equipment, we are able to see the angle at which your wheels are driving and make the necessary adjustments to accommodate different driving conditions. This preserves the life of your tyres, ensuring they wear equally.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

We use a local company who collect and drop off direct to us. We remove your tyre ready for them to collect, then refit & balance either your existing tyre or new tyre before fitting it back to your vehicle, ready for you to pick up and drive away.


All brands of new tyres, puncture repair & balancing

We are able to get most tyres on a same day delivery from our warehouse. From budget tyres to high end. We fit the valves should you need them, balance and fit to your vehicle.

Man Welding
Welding & Under Seal Treatments

Our welding services are done off site and offer a competitive rate for both minor & major work. Under seal treatments are very popular especially amount older vehicles to prevent rust from spreading and creating costly repair work.